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Nathalie Regard

Design by: Alfredo Martinez

Bed Time Stories / Series of painting


08'33" am
08'03" am
06'37" am
05'47" am

Oil on canvas
60 x 90 cm


When Nathalie, instead of us to guide with great industrial spaces, introduces us with the intimacy of the world of dreams, it does not create interior vision. Above all, it is the prospect for observation which is important. Using the modern technique of the catch of sight the pictorial representation arises as a glance of outside, impossible sight, rebuilding of this limit where reality and dreams, fiction and documentation merge. Infinite serie of the singular moments, musical time enters in the paintings. The images, painted according to photographs' taken by of Webcam, try to capture one moment of this reality which is let touch only apart from the reality of the rational subject and its comprehensible language. If we share with Nathalie this play with reality and the unreal one, the bringing together and the distance, the determination and the chance, we gain, us also, a new prospect. As the work of dreams carries out a perlaboration of real events, as the nightmares deform reality, the image transformed into colors pastel announces a different reality; its fragile and dangerous beauty is shown, untouchable and fugitive, through fragments of this reality which lives us and surrounds us. If, according to the famous word of Walter Benjamin, at the time of his technical reproducibility, the work of art lost its aura, Nathalie succeeds, by her meticulous work of rebuilding, in which pictorial art and documentary techniques cooperate, to reconstitute it : attentively, as a sign of its threatening loss.