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Nathalie Regard

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Bed Time Stories / Video

The dream of the Christ of St John of the Cross.
Paris 10 th Of June, 2007
Video, (no audio)
42 min. aprox

Not only the result, the file, but already the act to write becomes art : time lived documented. Even if the image of the camera, result of the documentary process, must itself be of a precise control, it testifies of insecurity and chance : with the primary image, protocolar, joins another, surreal shade, comming from far, of the passed from the history of art. Daily loss of the identity, global apatridie transformed in flexibility, mystical origin, and pictorical tradition are cojoinment by constituting a new, another form of reality where, like the personal memory, the cultural collective memory, it also, is introduced.

Bed Time Stories / Video