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Nathalie Regard, b. Madrid, lives and works in Mexico City

Nathalie Regard graduated from MFA Glasgow School of Art, in Scotland (2005). She grew-up in Chile where she developed a self-taught career as visual artist before she moved to Mexico City (1997-1999). In 1999, she moved to Paris were she began to develop large-format paintings (Beaume d'Ether: projet 2001). She participated in goup exhibitions in France and in Glasgow such as at La Galerie, Contemporary Art Center in Noisy-le-Sec (2001), at Tramway, Glasgow (2005) and recently at La Mazarine in Paris, (2008).
She has had several solo exhibitions in Mexico City, at Autonomous University of Mexico (UAM-Xochimilco, 2000), Arts and Craft Factory (Faro de Oriente, 2002), Maison de France (CCC-IFAL) and Espace d'Art Yvonamor Palix Gallery in 2003 and later in 2007, at Myto Gallery. In 2006 she showed in the Print National Museum in Mexico City and in 2007 she presented at te second Universal Forum of Cultures, The Center For The Arts, in Monterrey, her recent large format work. Publication of the artist's book (Void Painting, 2007) was part of the presentation.

Her work has been the subject of variuos international publications: Art News, Art Nexus, Les Lettres Françaises, Paris-Art,, Visual Arts in Mexico: XXI Century. Since 2009 she lives and works in Mexico City.





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    // Education //    
Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, U.K.
Masters degree in Fine Arts

2000- 2001
Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris, France
Training in Modern and Contemporary Art History


    // Solo Exhibitions //    

1<250'000 - Void Painting: Street Postering,Tijuana
1<250'000 - Void Painting: EBC, Escuela Bancaria y de Comercio, Queretaro
1<250'000 - Void Painting: Archivos Nacionales y Biblioteca de Santiago

Big Scanning, La Mazarine/PierreDurieu, Paris
1<250'000 - Void Painting, EBC Escuela Bancaria Campus Toluca, Mexico

• 1<250'000 : Void Painting : Col. Juarez, Mexico City, Myto Gallery off-site
• Bed Time Stories, Myto Gallery, Mexico City

• Serie of Painitngs: Sommet Mélancolique, Yvonamor Palix Gallery, Mexico City
• Grand Formats: Beaume d'éther, French Institute for Latin America, CCC- IFAL, Mexico City
• Grand Formats: Beaume d'éther, Yvonamor Palix Gallery off-site, Mexico City

• Grand Formats: Beaume d'Ether, Arts and Craft Factory, FARO de Oriente, Mexico City
• Projet: 2001 : Beaume d'Ether, LEP Moulin Fondu, Noisy-le-Sec
• In site project: 2001, Beaume d'Ether. Atelier Brassens LEP Moulin Fondu, Noisy-le-Sec.


    // Group Exhibitions //    

ZONA MACO, Mexico City Art Fair at Myto Galler

• El Ahijado, Curated by Alterna y Corriente, Mexico City
Artistas en el Medio Ambiente, Galeria Metropolitana, UAM, Mexico City
• ZonaMACO, Mexico City Contemporary Art Fair, Myto Gallery

• MACG, Museo Carrillo Gil, Ediciones de Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City
• NADA Miami, Art Fair. The New Art Dealers Alliance, Myto Gallery
• FeMACO Mexico, Art Fair, México Arte Contemporaneo, Myto Gallery
From Original to Copy and Back Again, Myto Gallery, Mexico City

• NADA Miami, Art Fair. The New Art Dealers Alliance, Myto Gallery
Uncertainty Principle, Centro de las Artes, The II Universal Forum of Cultures, Monterrey. Curated by Fernando Delmar

Samples, Print National Museum, Mexico City, curated by Fernando Delmar
• Arte Contemporáneo de México, Sixteen Group, Mexico City

• CAFA, Museum of Central Academy for Fine Arts, Beijing
Exit Strategy, Tramway, Glasgow
ARCO Madrid, Art Fair. Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo, Yvonamor Palix Gallery
MACO Mexico, Art Fair. Mexico Arte Contemporáneo, Yvonamor Palix Gallery


    // Grants and Residencies //    
• Fundación/La Colección Jumex, Project Grant
• FONDART, Chilean Government Arts Grant
• ALDA ABARTE, Project Grant

• TRAMWAY, Project Grant, Glasgow

• William and Mary Armour Fellowship' Schorlarship - Glasgow

• DAP, Ateliers d'Artiste de la Ville de Paris, Direction des Arts Plastiques, France

• LEP Moulin Fondu : Ateliers Brassens, Artist's Residency, Noisy-le-Sec