80 Days in Dreams - Dream Sessions - 2011-2014
Is the representations of the correspondence between brain activity and the subjective experience of the dreams, get direct access to day-by-day activity logs, dream stories,
EEG data and more in dreamsessions.org
Big Scanning - Void Painting - 2004-2007
Deconstructing, enlarging and expanding time, between the brushes and the canvas, the project opens a space to the viewer in the environment of the production of a large painting

Bed Time Stories - Dream Work - 1999-2008
  • Instead of great industrial spaces, the project introduces the intimacy of the world of dreams. Infinite series of singular moments, musical time enters in the paintings
Grands Formats - 2001-2003
Is a project of 5 monumental paintings and the usage of different media to support this creation with a constant pictorial motif: an architectural industrial site

Artist Books
  • What is the nature of thought? What is the matter of reality, of the dreams?


Paintings for flats
  • They are a sensual setting of urban landscape, a crossroads of emotions