80 Days in Dreams

Artist Book - 300 samples
Hard cover, 16 x 11 cm

235 pages, 2015

This publication chronicles a journey into the perception of my dreams in order that we might parallel the subjective experience of them with the brain activity: a project I carried out in collaboration with my friend, the neuroscientist Roberto Toro. We embarked in this journey on Tuesday the 18th of March 2014, during 80 days I transcribed the process of dream ́s subjective experience in association with the strokes of auditory dreams stimulation, whenever these sounds permeate into the story of my dreams we correlate them with the recordings of the electroencephalograph readings, in a search for a passageway from awake experience to the dream dimension.

Vois Painting
Void Painting : 1 < 250.000

Artist Book - 500 samples
Soft cover, 38 x 32 cm
712 pages 350 color plates

"While realizing this painting, I was interested in the possibility of creating a steady image in which one can perceive the past, the present and the future."


Grands Formats
Beaume d'Ether

La Courneuve - Roissy - Ecatepec I - Ecatepec II - Tlalnepantla

Catalogue -750 samples
Soft cover, 24 x 17 cm
63 Pages 31 color plates
Spanish, French, English


Texts: Yvonamor Palix, Gérard Teulière, including an interview with Nathalie Regard by Pierre Durieu

Paris 2002