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Nathalie Regard

Design by: AIQ Shawn Steiner


–”I dream to remember the way downwards”.

It is a collection with the tales of my dreams during the period that covers two years, 2008 to 2010. They are chronologically organized and an onomastic index allows to filter your reading, according to names of the people that appear in them.

Published by PERIFERIA

The 101-nights -Dream Sessions -2017-2018

Combining literature, visual art, performance and cognitive science, the objective is to confront the personal perception of her dreams with an objective analysis throughout brain recordings, seeking to establish a bridge between these two dimensions, you can get direct access to: 256-HD EEG data, dreams diary, 101 day-by-day activity logs and more...

Lyrica Creative Studios 2016 - 2020

Creative Studios is an organization that believes in cooperation between the community of artists and researchers, for the production and disemination of contemporary art practices and science

80 Days-In-Dreams -Dream Sessions - 2011-2014

Is the representations of the correspondence between brain activity and the subjective experience of her dreams, get direct access to day-by-day activity logs, dream stories, EEG data and more...

Big Scanning - Void Painting - 2004-2007

Deconstructing, enlarging and expanding time, between the brushes and the canvas, the project opens a space to the viewer in the environment of the production of a large painting

Bed Time Stories - Dream Work - 1999-2008

Instead of great industrial spaces, the project introduces the intimacy of the world of dreams. Infinite series of singular moments, musical time enters in the paintings

Grands Formats - 2001-2003

Is a project of 5 monumental paintings and the usage of different media to support this creation with a constant pictorial motif: an architectural industrial site

Artist Books

Series of artist's books communicating vessels between my own perception of the different spaces

Paintings for flats

The series of small format paintings also explore the relationship between image and reality. Open its own gap, where the sense of vision is emancipated from the common habit of perception, it is a break in the conceptual research